We are Manufacturas en Acero.
We provide professional Coat Paint Finishes

EnAcero offers a wide variety of liquid and powder coatings that serve many different industrial customers including those manufacturing electrical system components, oil and gas pipelines, as well as a variety of automotive and transportation parts and sports equipment.

Design for both indoor and outdoor application we offer unique features such as anti-graffiti, extreme high temperature resistant, beautiful chrome-look, and low energy, anti-microbial. You can easily deliver customized solutions across a broad range of applications.


Our Powder Coating Finishes


Polyester powder coatings exhibit good flow properties, wear resistance and over bake stability. Super-durable polyester formulations retain color and gloss in harsh exterior applications. Polyester powder coatings are especially useful in architectural, container, shopping cart, lawn and garden, agricultural and construction equipment applications.


Polyurethane powder coatings exhibit excellent application and performance characteristics and offer the smoothest films available. Polyurethane powder coatings are especially useful in automotive, outdoor furniture, lawn and garden, and general industrial applications.

Epoxy Hybrids

Epoxy hybrid powder coatings are ideal for interior applications and exhibit good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and over bake stability. These hybrid powder coatings are especially useful in appliance, shelving, office furniture, fixtures and general industrial applications. Hybrid formulations can be modified to meet most of the demands of today’s market, both decorative and functional.


When flexibility, adhesion, toughness and corrosion resistance is required, epoxy powder coating is used extensively today. This coating is based on epoxy resins that enable the possibility of coating a high film build without any defect in the coating when cured. it has excellent resistance to solvents, other chemicals and provides a good corrosion protection layer. It is especially suitable in aggressive environments. Tipically used in the coating of valves, pipe work, switchgear, shelving and metal furniture.

Super Durable Polyesters (TGIC)

Super durable Polyester Powder Coatings include a series of Thermosetting powder coatings designed specifically for architectural Aluminium applications where color and gloss retention are critical. Super Durable Polyester Powders are formulated with advanced polyester resin technology and high performance pigments Super Durable Polyester coatings are designed to offer superior gloss and color retention combined with maximum film integrity to ensure long term cosmetic and functional protection when compared with standard polyester powder coatings.

Additional Services

- Masking
- Tumbling
- Plugging
- Sanding
- Riveting
- Special packaging